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    Our mission is to strengthen our community by promoting small and medium-sized businesses and bringing awareness to local non-profit and not-for-profit organizations.

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  • Benefits of Coffee News Advertising

    There are many benefits Carolina's Coffee News provides to its advertisers. Among them:

    • Ads are less expensive than other print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise regularly.
    • All ads are exclusive, which means no other company in their category can advertise at the same time. ADVERTISERS CAN KEEP THEIR COMPETITION OUT! Small businesses appreciate this bonus
    • Ads can be changed weekly via e-mail, phone or fax.
    • Ads are working three meals per day - seven days per week. Consistency brings results!
    • It provides for the Repetition of your advertising that is needed to establish buyer patterns -- at low cost!
    • It attracts loyal customers rather than aiming at bargain hunters.
    • Coffee News has a proven track record. Further, some advertisers remain on a waiting list for several years once they discover the kind of results Coffee News actually gets.
    • The ads are rotated every week so each advertiser has the choicest spot Small ads often are obscured in other print media because the big buck advertisers often get better placement.
    • All ads are 3" x 2" so no advertiser can overpower another by buying a larger ad.
    • It takes the average reader eight to ten minutes to read Coffee News as compared to thirty minutes to read a 48 ++ page daily paper. This means Coffee News receives six to twelve times the scrutiny.
    • Ad design and seasonal changes are included in the cost of your ad.

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    Give us a call at 803-372-2635 or click to request information

  • Why Advertise with Coffee News?

    The reason why Coffee News is so successful is because it is good for everybody and everything it touches. Even other media services gain by getting better results for their advertisers if their advertisers also advertise in Coffee News.


    It provides a few minutes of light reading while the order is taken and a meal is prepared or while waiting for an appointment. Since most patrons can read Coffee News in about eight minutes, they have plenty of time to read all the ads as well. Coffee News works!


    Surveys have shown that each Coffee News is read five to seven times in local restaurants: readers are encouraged, since it’s FREE, to either take it with them or return it to the stand for others to enjoy. Every week a new issue is delivered to the rack and old copies are recycled.

    Restaurants no longer need to buy several local papers for their patrons. They can now provide Coffee News as a no cost substitute for patrons who demand something to read while eating. Since patrons enjoy Coffee News, restaurants enjoy repeat business.


    Did you know that on average, we each see over 3,000 different commercial messages daily. Advertising is everywhere. And businesses must be more savvy than ever with how they present themselves and spend their ad dollars. Most small and medium-sized businesses are very poorly served by print, radio and TV advertising because of the simple fact that in order to reach the people who are potential customers, they have to buy at least four or more times the circulation they need. Even direct mail, which does allow them to choose their own circulation, can be very expensive. Enter Coffee News!.


    Your neighborhood business NEEDS neighborhood coverage, and there’s very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so precisely, so effectively at so much less cost. Coffee News manages to reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media -- for a fraction of the cost!


    Read the fascinating story How All Advertising Works, by Coffee News founder Jean Daum.


    Ready to advertise in Carolina's Coffee News? We'll be happy to discuss rates, coverage areas, and readership with you.

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    Give us a call at 803-372-2635 or click to request information

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  • Advertising FAQ

    Q: What areas does Carolina's Coffee News cover?

    A: Fort Mill, Tega Cay & Indian Land, SC; Rock Hill, SC; York & Clover, SC; Lake Wylie & River Hills, SC, Steele Creek & Whitehall, NC; Pineville & South Charlotte, NC; Waxhaw, Weddington & Wesley Chapel, NC


    Q: What is your Carolinas area circulation?

    A: Look for us everywhere from fine dining to fast food. 70% of our locations are restaurants, delis, coffee houses, etc. Everywhere people grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cup of coffee. The remaining 30% are distributed to places were people are known to wait -such as car washes, oil and lube shops and doctors offices.


    Q: Can I subscribe to Coffee News?

    A: You cannot currently subscribe to Coffee News. It is a free publication distributed primarily at restaurants, or any other place where you might have some time to read while waiting.


    Q: How often do you publish and where are you distributed?

    A: New issues are distributed weekly to restaurants, delis, coffee houses, etc. Its purpose is to provide POSITIVE, ENJOYABLE reading to those waiting for their meals (seen by a high number of readers 3 meals a day!) or relaxing over a cup of coffee. With Coffee News, there is no BAD news - only trivia, fun facts, local events, and other fun things that draw attention (like the chance to win cash each month).


    Q: What's the monthly contest all about?

    A: Each week, we hide a small "Coffee News Guy" icon in one of the ads. We hold a drawing and have a monthly prize winner. This has proven to be a very popular contest around the world. This contest is great for our advertisers as well, as it encourages our readers to look through all of the ads in order to find the "Coffee News Guy"!

    Q: How long has Coffee News been in existence?

    A: Coffee News was originally researched and founded by Jean Daum in Winnipeg, Canada in 1988. It has grown to over 725 locations in 52 countries worldwide!


    Q: How long have you been publishing in the Carolinas area?

    A: Our first Coffee News edition was published in June/2006.


    Q: Can restaurants advertise in Coffee News?

    A: No. As a courtesy to all our restaurant and coffee shop clients in the Charlotte area, we offer the protection that no business in the restaurant industry will be allowed to advertise in Coffee News. Although most restaurants would love to have an ad, they are disallowed automatically. The reason -- a Burger King ad in Coffee News, for example, would have every McDonald's refusing to carry Coffee News. No restaurant would welcome their competitor's efforts to take away their customers right inside their own premises, so they would naturally kick them out -- and Coffee News too. There are sponsorship opportunities for restaurants through our monthly contests though.

    Q: How much is an ad?

    A: Ads in Coffee News are less expensive than other print media, so the small business person can easily afford to advertise. You can advertise in Coffee News for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per day! So unless another company in your "category" of business is already advertising in the edition, it is open to you. Remember all ads in Coffee News are EXCLUSIVES, meaning we only allow one type of business in each edition, allowing our advertisers to LOCK OUT their competition - unlike any other publication in town! Give us a call at (803) 372-2635 to discuss availability and rates for the areas you'd like to advertise in.


    Q: Why do you recommend that the ad run for at least 13 weeks?

    A: A good ad is like a seed for a fruit tree. Repetition is its water. Weekly consistency is its sunlight. The longer your seed is allowed to grow in the mind of the public, the greater and greater your harvests will be. What size harvests do you want to see?


    Q: How do I pay for the ad?

    A: We offer you a lot of flexibility in how you choose to pay for your ad. You may pay for the ad with cash, check or by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.


    Q: Do I need to design the ad?

    A: NO... NO...We'll work with you to create one. Ad Production fee runs $30 with no charge for changes.


    Q: Can I change an ad now and then?

    A: Yes, you can. There is never a charge for text changes to your ad which may be e-mailed or phoned in.

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    Give us a call at 803-372-2635 or click to request information